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Build real reputation.
Fight fake news.

The Web of Trust is an old idea, but it has taken the invention of the blockchain to
make it scalable and globally usable. Instead of relying on big agregators
or media companies to tell you what the truth is, learn about it
from the people you trust, on specific topics you trust them.

Read the WoTvision white paper.

Trust on the Internet

It is not physically possible to vouch if something is actually true or not on the Internet. The best we can do is create mechanisms which create as much public records vouching that somebody has actually said or written something, which can be readily accessed, verified, and referenced.

The blockchain supports this goal by incentivising the spread and duplication of data on all the full nodes which carry it, and by having the property of immutability of data stored therein. 

Web of Trust and the blockhain

The inspiration for this project is the "web of trust" model implemented by PGP and PGP-compatible software in early 1990-ies. Despite it being relatively well-known among software developers, it has not caught on in the general public, mostly due to the lack of easy to use front-ends and a lack of a distribution mechanism for keys. 

With the development of the concept of the blockchain, it becomes possible to use it as the carrier not only for publishing public keys (which together with their private counterparts serve as vouchers of identity), but also for publishing tamper-proof, immutable data. Both of these features were lacking in the PGP mechanism. 

It's about the end users

The WoTvision idea doesn't stop at this technical breakthrough. To avoid it being a geek gimmick usable and understandable only by techies, it will offer a UX and points of integration for all content creators to use. Imagine if you could publish authenticated content from WordPress. Or Reddit. Or even 4chan, without the need to leave the comfortable and known user interfaces. This is what it takes for a Web of Trust system for publishing reliable, verified content, to take hold. 

Combining a cryptocurrency economy with the web of trust

To incentivise fair play and to discourage spamming, WoTvision integrates a blockchain-based cryptocurrency into its sysetm of veifiable publishing of facts. WoT coins will literally be spent, "burned" to publish data on the blockchain, thus vounching for the importance of this data and the skin-in-the-game of its publisher.


Current state of the project

The blockchain technology behind WoTvision is progressing nicely. It is being developed in this GitHub repository. There are other parts of the project which still need to be developed: wallets and user interfaces for publishing, including plugins for popular blogging and forum software.

To make the entire vision into a reality, WoTvision will most likely seek crowdfunding via an ICO.

Let's do something interesting with this...